free_range_chickenBoulder Natural Meats is the only chicken processor that uses a hybrid of the Heritage Breed of chickens raised here in Colorado. The Heritage is a hearty breed, which is suitable for the Colorado climate. This breed offers tenderness, and a moist, flavorful piece of meat.

Family operated:

We are different than large corporate owned and operated poultry producers. Our farms are family operated, located near Platteville, LaSalle and Elizabeth Colorado. Our farmers work hand in hand with our processing plant to make sure our quality standards are met.

Raised in an Open Environment:

Boulder Natural Meats takes pride in raising healthy happy birds by offering a clean healthy living environment. Boulder Natural Meats flocks enjoy spacious barns with room to roam freely throughout the facilities with unlimited access to food and water. All barns are well ventilated and offer soft bedding for a naturally restful environment.

All of our farms are GAP certified through the Global Animal Partnership ( a non-profit alliance of producers, retailers, animal advocates and scientists dedicated to improving farm animal welfare through the 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program.

100% Vegetarian Fed:

All Boulder Natural Meats chickens are fed a proprietary 100% vegetarian diet. This diet is a blend of grains made up primarily of corn and soy. We add in flax seed to boost Omega 3’s and organic minerals to help boost the chicken’s natural immune system.

No Antibiotics, “Never Ever”

At Boulder Natural Meats we run a “Never Ever” program where our chickens are never fed antibiotics, artificial growth stimulants or animal bi- products.

We are committed to raising healthy chickens and follow a strict set of standards and practices. Our trucks are washed and sanitized before entering and exiting each farm. We perform a thorough wash down of all barns between flocks, monitor feed conversions and make any necessary adjustments, as needed. We perform and score 90% or better in strict third party audits on all of our farms to ensure the health and safety of our animals and our customers.