Display in FreezerBoulder Natural Meats takes our customer and product safety very seriously. Many bacterial and food safety issues occur in the home and are a result of improper handling. Here are some important food safety tips.

Transportation and Handling

When transporting our products to your home, make sure your items are not left in a hot car or in direct sunlight. If you are not headed straight home or live in a hotter climate it is a wise to bring a cooler with ice for the long trip. Be sure to keep raw meat items away from produce.

Grocery bags are a high source of cross contamination, especially reusable bags. Keep reusable bags washed and dry. Wipe down counter tops with soap and water after setting products on counters.

Refrigerating and Freezing

Refrigerate items immediately. Fresh chicken is best when stored at 30 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend freezing the product if you are not able to cook it before the expiration date on the package.

There is no need to repackage Boulder Natural Chicken. Our products are packaged in air tight packages to prevent freezer burn.

Preparation and Cooking

When preparing Boulder Natural Chicken use separate cutting boards for raw and cooked items. Be sure to have separate cutting boards for chicken, fish, other meats and produce. Do not use plates and utensils that were used in raw meat preparation for cooked meat.

Remember to wash your hands often when handling raw meat, chicken or fish.

Cook chicken to an internal temperature of 165° Fahrenheit. To roast a Chicken set your oven temperature between 375-400 degrees Fahrenheit.